Pumpkins are actually a fruit not a vegetable.
Decaffeinated coffee is not caffeine-free.
A cluster of bananas is called a hand;
a single banana is a finger.
Onion is Latin for large pearl.
Fresh fruit is a better snack than dried fruit.
The term “superfood” is a misnomer.
The stickers on apples can be eaten, too.
About 75% of the fat in an avocado is monounsaturated.
A tablespoon of soy sauce can contain
up to 1,000 mg of sodium.
It is recommended that adults eat
less than 1,600 mg of sodium a day.
Fresh fruit, vegetables, and unsalted nuts
are practically sodium-free.

2016 Annual Scientific Meeting of the New Zealand Nutrition Society


This year’s Annual Scientific Meeting of the New Zealand Nutrition Society will be held in the garden city of Christchurch – the international gateway to the South Island. The meeting will be held on 8th and 9th of December 2016 at The Chateau on the Park in the centre of Christchurch, close to Hagley Park, the Botanic Gardens and the central city.

The theme of the meeting is “Feeding our Society: Maanatikanga in Nutrition for Aotearoa”. Maanatikanga refers to hospitality, kindness, generosity, support - the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others which we feel should underpin our approach to improving nutrition and health in Aotearoa. A variety of invited speakers will present the latest information on a range of important nutritional areas including:

  • Food Sustainability
  • Food Security
  • Child Poverty
  • Nutrition and Cognition
  • Micronutrients
  • Feeding the aging population
  • Childhood nutrition

The Early Career/Postgraduate Nutritionists Conference

There will also be an Early Career /Postgraduate Nutritionists Conference and Student Masterclass held on 7th December 2016 at the same venue. The theme for the Postgraduate Day this year is: “Succeeding as a Nutritionist” and will be held in two sessions.

The morning session will start with student and graduate five-minute research presentations, and finish with a keynote speaker addressing the topic “The Future of Nutrition in a World of Misinformation”. This topic has been chosen based on conversations with Nutritionists about the difficulty of conveying nutritional truths in a world where people get their nutritional education from celebrities, journalists and Facebook.

The afternoon session will be a student Masterclass. The format will be ‘round table’, practical discussions for budding career Nutritionists and featuring presenters that are either working Nutritionists in various scopes of practice, potential employers or professionals in related disciplines. The focus is on building a successful career as a Registered Nutritionist.

Registered Nutritionists

There are two events for Registered Nutritionists related to the Nutrition Society conference. There is an introductory session on professional supervision on Wednesday 7th December 3.30-5pm. Find out what professional supervision is about and why it is important. The session is relevant to both those who receive supervision, and those considering further training to become professional supervisors. This session is part of the Early Career/Postgraduate Nutritionists Conference but open to all Registered Nutritionists and others attending the Nutrition Society conference.

There is a lunchtime forum for Registered Nutritionists on Thursday 8th December at the Nutrition Society Conference to discuss relevant issues like networking, professional development and promotion. 

Please refer to the NZ Nutrition Society Website for more information as it becomes available:

Important Dates:

Abstracts Due: Friday 30th September 2016
Registration Details Available: Monday August 1st 2016

Organising Committee (main conference)

Sarah Eady
Food and Nutrition Group
Plant and Food Research
PO BOX 4704
Tel. 03 3259671
Dr Sue Mason
Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Wine, Food and Molecular Biosciences
Telephone: +64 3 423 0639
Dr Alison Wallace
Food and Nutrition Group
Plant and Food Research
PO BOX 4704
Tel. 03 3259638

Organising committee (Postgraduate day/Student Masterclass)

Saya Hashimoto
The Kid’s Fed Up
Ph: 022-089-4985
Sara Lake
Sana Direct
Cell: 021 104 2631
Ph: 03 981 9023
Bek Parry
Positively Nourished
Ph: 022 654 5874
Karen Mumme
Ph: 021 0244 7306
Michele Eickstadt
Massey University
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