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The Nutrition Society of New Zealand

The Nutrition Society of New Zealand is an organisation of qualified, practising health professionals, scientists and educators with a range of backgrounds who are bound by a shared interest in nutrition. NSNZ aims to bring together members interested in researching, applying and promoting sound nutrition. NSNZ promotes the science of nutrition, particularly the role of nutrition in growth and development, health and well-being in humans and animals.

The aims of NSNZ are

To promote sound, ethical, safe and effective research in nutritional sciences
To develop sound practice in nutrition for public good
To effectively communicate the benefits of good nutrition
To provide foster discussion and exchange information on nutrition related subjects and provide a forum for discussion.
To promote professional development of members

The annual scientific meeting is the national forum for members to report on and discuss research findings.

Members of NSNZ include human and animal nutritionists, dietitians and health educators, clinicians and health professionals, food technologists and food scientists, vets and animal scientists, academics, teachers and students. Members are bound by a code of ethics.


Applications for full membership require NSNZ members to propose and second the application.
There are 2 classes of membership: full-membership and student membership.


Nutritionist needed,
Beachlands, Auckland.
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The Nutrition Society of Australia and Nutrition Society of New Zealand 2013
Joint Annual Scientific Meeting




Asia Oceania Conference on Obesity,
Oct-Nov 2013


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July 2013