Pumpkins are actually a fruit not a vegetable.
Decaffeinated coffee is not caffeine-free.
A cluster of bananas is called a hand;
a single banana is a finger.
Onion is Latin for large pearl.
Fresh fruit is a better snack than dried fruit.
The term “superfood” is a misnomer.
The stickers on apples can be eaten, too.
About 75% of the fat in an avocado is monounsaturated.
A tablespoon of soy sauce can contain
up to 1,000 mg of sodium.
It is recommended that adults eat
less than 1,600 mg of sodium a day.
Fresh fruit, vegetables, and unsalted nuts
are practically sodium-free.

Conference 2022: Scientific Meeting of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand


Conference 2022

The 2022 Conference planning is well underway and we look forward to hosting you in Wellington

The conference website is now live on Gecco. Registrations are open and speakers are being confirmed and updated regularly. The full programme will be available in due course.

  • Thursday 1st - Friday 2nd December 2022
  • Massey University campus, Wellington
  • Call for abstracts is now open

    Muriel bell Lecture

    At each Scientific Meeting of the Nutrition Society held in New Zealand, a free public lecture, is held in Muriel Bell's name. 2022 Speaker is to be confirmed, details to follow. Meanwhile you can catch up on the 2021 recording here.

    Lecture Title: Lick the plate clean: the intersection of food, nutrition, and waste.

  • Online Event - recording now available

    2022 Conference Organising Committee

    • Assoc. Prof. Cath Conlon (Chair), Massey University
    • Prof. Pam von Hurst, Massey University
    • Dr Sally Mackay, University of Auckland
    • Dr Helen Eyles, University of Auckland
    • Dr Chrissie Butts, Plant and Food NZ
    • Dr Shabnam Jalili–Moghaddam, AUT
    • Prof. Rachel Brown, University of Otago
    • Dr. Claire Smith, University of Otago
    • Cherise Pendergrast, NSNZ
    • Luke Stanaway, Nourish App
    • Tina Buch, Heart Foundation
    • Bek Parry, Te Whatu Ora/NSNZ
    • Jeanette Rapson - Conference Co-ordinator
    • Jen Gale - Student Rep